Samsung DLP - Color Wheel/Light Bulb Replacement

So hello once again. This past week my Samsung DLP started to make a whirring noise. It sounded like a bearing going bad, well as the week went on, it turned into a grinding/whirring/screaming noise. This isn't good. So the above prompted me to… more »

#Pocono, #Indy, #Nascar, #TCOT etc....

Lets get Indy out of the way first. I am bummed that JPM didn't win, he had the best car all day and should have won. Do I think there is a conspiracy against him? NO, he just made a mistake, or rather the team did. Due to that mistake he was shuf… more »

Palm Pre Experience...#palm #pre

So it's been a bit over a week with my new Palm Pre. I will try to explain what I feel are the positives and negatives that i have noticed. Positives: Multitasking - This is just kewl, the fact I can have twitter (Tweed) running and then open a w… more »

4th of July, Daytona Style...

Well it's my favorite holiday of the year, yes the 4th of July. The day we celebrate our independence from Great Britain. I just hope next year we still have a country left after what the anointed ONE is doing to our country. Spend money on this, spe… more »

Smartphone thoughts... #pre #palm #iphone

It's that time again, when your contract with your current Cell Phone provider is close to being up and you have to choose which direction you will go with your next phone. I know already I have lost some of you, who are no doubt saying at this ver… more »