Richmond, AMA SuperCross

Well the race at Richmond actually happened which is a good thing. I thought for sure based on the weather that was on the radar that there was no chance the race would be run, much less all 400 laps. Tells you what kind of weather man I am &#59;)...

Jeff G did well in the beginning but his car gave up on the long runs (this was last years problem:no:) and never really contended for the win. I was concerned about his late choice to not pit, and it actually might have cost him a top five, but we will never know. JG did finish 8th and due to Kurt Busch not finishing in front of him, JG regained the top in the points standings. YES :>>

Jimmy J didn't have a good race at all, with a bad qualifying effort that had him in the back of the pack most of the race, and when your at a short track, being at the back can be a bad thing. Yes he got caught up in a wreck. To make matters worse he sped on pit lane and never recovered, finishing 30+ not good for the team that has won the LAST 3 out of 4 at Richmond.

AMA Supercross

James Stewart returns this year to dominate (wins) and eventually out paces Chad Reed for the Title. I didn't get to watch it as I was watching Nascar but did read about it this AM. Ryan V finished 1st, with Chad Reed (2nd) and James Steward in 3rd. Great season for all, just not in the cards for Chad. I love this racing and flying, as I try to get to the Supercross in Houston every year. Very fun to watch, etc.. My girlfriend actually likes the even too. :).. It's fun/exciting to watch for sure. If you have never been to an AMA Supercross event try to get out and go, amazing what these guys do on 2 wheels.!!

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Air Force One flyover a huge success!

Ok so I was a bit miffed at the expense of the 'photo op' as much as anyone else, so I like others decided to create my own photo for Air Force One. Since this is what I paid 350K for, or around that. Yes you and I foot the bill for the 'photo op' that scared the bejesuz out of a lot of people in Lower Manhattan.

Yes I could have done better, I am no graphic artist for sure. But you get the point, a little photoshop and some talent and we save the country 350K. Hmmm, just seems excessive to me.

What are your thoughts? Comments welcome and encouraged!



Well as you know, or maybe you don't, I am a Nascar fanboy for sure, but really a Motorsports fan. I think Forumal1 has taken a huge step back this year. I will discuss my thoughts in points below. I don't watch F1 anymore, as it comes on at stupid hours in the US. The cars, well they aren't what I think the most tech advanced thing should look like. Well on to the Points.

1. The Cars
They have lowered down force, but brought back slicks. Net affect, is about 2-3% less speed and not much passing. The cars look like they belong in the 70's with the Thin/Tall rear wing, and the HUGE front wing which is almost on the ground. Not impressed, hate the way the cars look!
They removed all the extra winglets that some teams would put all over the car! Yea!

2. The Teams
Many people would be happy that McLaren-Mercedes and Ferrari are literally in the back, but not me, those two teams ARE F1. It's not good when they are in the back! Next thing you know you will see Force-India on the podium. NOOOOOOOOO

3. Bernie
Need I say more?

Great idea, bad implementation. In a time when we should be cost cutting (2010 budgets anyone) we introduce KERS. It's almost killed someone, it's too heavy, and honestly not that exciting. Maybe the races in the rain have been the issue, but I think most teams are going to ditch it, so what good is that?

5. Brawn GP
Ok this one is actually a great story, but would have Honda been this good? Of course they have the questionable diffuser, as does Toyota, but Jenson Button going 3 out of 4? That's Michael Schumacher like numbers!

6. Times the races come on.
It used to be the races would start at all hours, but at least I could watch a couple that didn't start at 3-4AM, but this year Bernie has changed the schedules so all the races start around noon in Europe. So what does that mean for me? Well all races come on about 3-4 in the morning. This sucks, I would think the US is a big market for F1 but yet we get the short end of the stick?

Ok a couple things, but really I am most disappointed with the Ferrari's. Yes I like the team, and no I don't have one. I wish I did. I thought they would be better prepared, of course they are one of the teams with the 'slow' diffuser so maybe later in the year they will come back. At least they scored some points this past weekend, but still long ways from where we expect them to be. Not sure I like the way the years shaping up, but Formula 1 Magazine sure does. Yes I will still watch when I can, but only replays, stayed up for the Aussie GP but I can't do that every weekend :)..

Rp3 88|

Talledega Baby...

Ok so I love Nascar, I admit it. The cars, the colors, the personalitys it's all great. Although I am not a huge fan of restrictor plate racing (this is what is going on this weekend) it's still Nascar and it's still 500 miles of fun. Or at least sometimes it is. The Hendrick stable should do well, as always, but you never know when 43 cars are tightly packed going 195mph. Yes restrictor plate racing at it's best, you don't have to worry about handling at Talladega just put the accelerator on the floor and go fast! I want to one day visit this monster of a track, did I mention its 2.66 miles in length?, as the parties are as legendary as the racing itself. I have heard many a good one from there.

Well anyway, I am going to root for the guy I always root for, Jeff Gordon. Some say I am a bandwagoneer since I root for the best driver (yes he is) but I have rooted/cheered for Jeff back when he drove the Baby Ruth car in the Busch series. How many of you knew that? I also have rooted for Jeff Gordon every time he has come to Texas Motor Speedway and never won. Well until a couple weeks ago :).. So hell yea, he is my driver and my driver only. I always pick him with friends, or anyone who wants to place a bet. Yes I am a rabbid fan you could say, but hey that's Nascar!


Welcome to my new blog.

This is my twisted view of the world, from time to time I will post things that interest me, etc..

Could be about sports, movies, politics, work, fun, guns, Nascar, etc...

I am going to discuss things that happen to be important to me at the time, could be politics, sports, etc.. I will try to refrain from work issues as I don't need to bore you with that. We all work and have the same freaking issues, so no point in that.

A couple of my interests are:
1. Nascar
2. Guns
3. Computers (Linux)
4. Motorcycles

So I let the fun begin...

Ps. This blog is mine, so I really don't care if you don't like it or not, if you leave a comment great, if you don't, great. Of course it's up to you. :>>